Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bluetooth 4.1 Press Release

The Bluetooth 4.1 has been announced today by The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) today as they announced the adoption of updates to the Bluetooth Core Specification.

The new updates will improve the consumer usability with increased co-existence support for LTE, bulk data exchange rates, and aid developer innovation by allowing devices to support multiple roles simultaneously. 

"We updated the Bluetooth specification to address this projected growth, making changes to give developers more control in assigning a role to their product, limiting interference with other wireless technologies, and allowing Bluetooth Smart products to exchange data faster and maintain connections with less manual intervention. These updates reflect the demand we see in the market. 

We will continue to sculpt Bluetooth wireless technology to extend its critical role in enabling the Internet of Things and ensure it is the very best solution for OEMs, developers and, ultimately, consumers." said Suke Jawanda, Bluetooth SIG CMO.

Bluetooth 4.1 improves usability for consumers, empowers innovation for product developers and extends the technology's foundation as an essential link for the Internet of Things. 

What does Bluetooth 4.1 improves?

Coexistence - where the LTE and bluetooth can communicate and reduce the possibility of near-band interference.

Better Connections -  this will allow the devices to reconnect automatically when they are in proximity of one another.When you leave the room and upon returning, two recently used devices reconnect without user intervention.

Improved Data Transfer -  can provide bulk data transfer.

Can't wait to use this Bluetooth 4.1.


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